Bookkeeping & Accounting

Bookkeeping & Accounting


Our accounting services range from basic bookkeeping to the compilation of complex financial statements with every accounting function in between. Whether you are a small, medium or a large enterprise we will determine the perfect accounting package for your specific accounting needs. Whether you require monthly bookkeeping, quarterly budgets or annual financial statements, we are able to meet every accounting need with professionalism and excellence. We provide you with the option of outsourcing all or part of your bookkeeping and accounting requirements to us.  You no longer need to be concerned about keeping your accounting records in order, whether you have a full-time accountant or not.

Included in our accounting services are the following:

  • Financial statement compilations
  • Independent reviews
  • Bookkeeping (including the processing of cashbooks, bank reconciliations, month end journal entries etc.)
  • Maintenance of debtor’s ledger (including monthly invoicing), supplier’s ledger and general ledger.
  • Maintenance of subsidiary records such as fixed asset registers.


We prepare from various source documents such as customer invoices, supplier invoices and bank statements a full set of management accounts on a regular monthly basis.

At Joy Finance Services, in bookkeeping, we strive to provide affordable services.
Your source documents are captured in Sage Pastel Partner. Once all source documents have been captured, we will furnish financial reports to the client for their perusal.

Once a year and/or at the clients request we compile a set of Annual Financial Statements, which is a report created annually that quantifiably describes the financial viability of any company. This includes a statement of income, statement of changes in net worth and a balance sheet. It also often includes a cash flow statement. These elements should be tracked on a monthly basis for the most accurate reporting.

The Annual Financial Statements are prepared by our professional team of accountants and where determined by the public interest score (PIS) we retain the services of registered Accountants that are registered members of South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIBA) as prescribed in the Companies Act. The Annual Financial Statements are required for any submission to SARS with your company / close corporation ITR14 tax return.


What frustrates you the most about your bookkeeping and accounting?

Is it not being up to date and getting things wrong? Both of which cost you time, money and opportunities. Let our professional team take care of the admin and reports, so you can run your business.

The trend these days is that more and more entrepreneurs are working closely with their accountants and doing some or all of the bookkeeping themselves.

We encourage this as it keeps the business owner focused on the important details, at least at a high level. With online accounting, we use the same system in real time. If you prefer to outsource your accounting entirely that's also fine.

We accommodate all types of entrepreneurs, with different levels of support requirements, and we don't tie you in to lengthy service contracts.

Payroll costs regularly feature as the largest expense while human resource management equally places an extreme burden on most organisations. Following many years of working in payroll and human resources, we have designed payroll systems which work for our clients. Our vast experience gives us an in-depth knowledge and understanding of payroll administration, HR management as well as current regulations and legislation compliances regarding your employees and payroll matters.

Our payroll function allows you (as business owner) to focus on your core business without concerns about payroll administration, employee remuneration structuring, employees tax (PAYE), UIF and SDL. Our professional payroll experts manage all payroll issues and manage communications with SARS to ensure that your business complies with current legislation and any change in payroll procedures.

Included in our range of payroll services are:

  • Payslip preparation.
  • Monthly payroll reports for management.
  • Submission of monthly and bi-annual PAYE returns to SARS.
  • Submission of monthly returns to the Department of Labour.
  • Submission of employment equity reports to the Department of Labour.
  • PAYE, UIF and SDL registration for companies employing staff in South Africa for the first time
  • advice regarding South African employees retaining social security liability in their home country
  • laser printed payslips for all staff
  • all calculations of PAYE, UIF and SDL
  • electronic filing of IRP5 reconciliations
  • management reports tailored to your individual requirements
  • facility to import/export payroll data to Excel/CSV
  • flexible deadlines for submitting payroll information
  • ability to allocate costs by percentage or a fixed amount across departments/cost centres
  • We also offer an online payroll solution and online HR solution which is comprehensive for small, medium and large entities. No installation is required as you simply log in via the internet to our online payroll solution.

Clients are able to run their entire payroll function independently or outsource some or all of their payroll and employee remuneration functions to us.